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which harry potter ghost loves you?

︵‿︵୭̥⋆*。👻 ༄ hi! if you liked this quiz follow me for more. ♡ ━━━━•❅•°•❈•°•❅•━━━━ ︵‿︵୭̥⋆*。👻 ༄ the pictures in this quiz doesnot belong to me, all the rights are reserved. ♡ ━━━━•❅•°•❈•°•❅•━━━━ ︵‿︵୭̥⋆*。👻 ༄ this quiz is made for fun, don't take any of this personally. ♡

Which 'BBC Ghosts' Ghost are you?

From disgraced politicians to melodramatic poets, Button House hosts quite the crowd! But which of the undead residents are you most like? (Note: This doesn't include Mike, Alison, Jemimah, or the Plague Ghosts - sorry!)
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Who's Your Inner Monster?

Ever wondered what your inner monster is? Well, since it's halloween, now they could be lurking right behind you... or in this quiz :D

how much do you know about tbhk?

lets see how much you know about toilet bound! i recomend only manga readers take this, but you do you!

What Sleep Paralysis Demon Will Visit You Next?

(TW// Might be scary to some!!) Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? I know I have. Take this quiz to see who will haunt you next time it happens..... (No images used belong to me)

Unlucky Paradise: Welcome to Achlania! Day 1

TW: Unlucky Paradise is a story that will be told through poems, quizzes and other stories. However, it will involve dark themes such as m/rd/r and su/c/de. Sammy can finally go to that amusement park. That amazing theme park, they have been wanting to go to for all eternity. Being friends with the...

café serenity (1) | wwyff/wwffy/cyoa

An ordinary day after school, you walk home with your best friend. Then you notice something odd in the forest on the way home.

Which scary story are you?

Once again watchmojo played a part in the questions as well as the Scary stories to tell in the dark audiobook, I obviously do not own any images

You Answer Questions and I Give You a Short Story

It's simple, you answer a few questions and I'll give you a short story that I wrote. Not all the short stories are the happiest, just to warn you. I will also be occasionally updating this with more stories. (Cover is not mine)

Who Would You Be In A Ghost Hunter Team

All of the results may not be accurate to your personality. This is just for fun. Hope you enjoy!
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