Your Kpop Idol Life (Girls Only)

How would ur life be if you were a kpop idol?:0 also dis is my first ever quiz! So sry if u don't like it :(

Which girl does your personality suit the best? (Al Rawabi school for girls show)

🌸Who’s personality from Al Rawabi school for girls do You suit the most?? 🌸Check it out by playing my short personality test. 🚨NOTE: this quiz doesn’t compare beauty or inform you about beauty details,Everyone’s beautiful their way.🚨

Are you pretty in Korea? (Girls only!)

Want to find out if you would be pretty in Korea? Take this quiz! *Please, please, please don't be offended by results, you are lovely whatever!!! Truly!*

Pick Between Two K-pop Song I Think Sound Similar and Get a 2021 Release

Choose between two K-pop songs I think sound similar and get an August 2021 release! Five results, ten questions.

The Alpha’s Reign (Ninjago R.P.)(Girls only) Part 5

Welcome home! You did it, you captured a ninja. PS: this is a more chill episode, but there is so much more to come.

Which outfit will you get?

These are girl clothes only, sorry :(

What would the gangreen gang think of you?

Ever been so selth conscious that you worry what fictional people think of you? Well it's your lucky day! Find out what the Gangreen Gang thinks of you in this amazing quiz!

style kpop girls to see which idol matches your style

assign outfits to kpop idols to see which girl matches your style

What is your fantasy name? W/ meaning. (Girls only.)

This is nature themed... my next quiz will be warrior names...
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