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Who is Your Godly Parent? (Minor gods included!)

I know that this quiz topic is overused and cliche, but I tried really hard to make this as accurate as possible, and I'm really proud of how it turned out! So please share this quiz and thank you for stopping by!
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Which camp half blood cabin are you in?aka whos ur godly parent(100% accurate)

Includes all major gods except Artemis...cuz shes an eternal maiden and Hera cuz well she didnt have children with any mortal...

Which Deity are you? (OCs)

The pictures aren’t mine but the ideas and names are. There are a lot of people results so hopefully they are accurate.

Which dark love affair are you in

σн му ∂єαя уσυ нανє иσ ι∂єα ωнαт уσυяє ιи fσя. нσω ∂σ уσυ тнιик тнє ωσяℓ∂ ιѕ ѕσ fαя? ∂σ уσυ тнιик αмσиg тнє яυιи уσυ∂ fιи∂ gσℓ∂?

What Are You The God/Goddess Of?

In-Marvel/Norse mythology What are you the god/goddess of? Take this quiz to find out!

Who is your Greek godly parent? Minor gods too.

I know this is done a lot, but honestly I was really bored and needed something to do. Will also include Artemis, but she will not be your godly parent, you will be a Huntress. There are, like, thirty results so I hope this god or goddess really suits you. There will also be a lot of questions, but ...

Which God/Goddess Watches Over You?

Ever wondered who your patron God or Goddess would have been back in ancient times? Which ruling entity would you have been watched over by? Perhaps they still continue to keep tabs on you even now. Find out! Answer questions honestly!

What Lore Olympus Character are you?

Find out what Lore Olympus character you are! (God's and Goddesses!)

Are You a Good Person?

Would you consider yourself a good person? How can you know? Take this quiz to find out!
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