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What is your soul colour?

Find out your soul colour! I know it just said that in the title.

Which alternative version of green lantern are you

I found some interesting alternative versions of the green lantern and decided to make a quiz. Obviously none of the characters or art is mine and there are only 5 results because i find them the coolest
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Pick some outfits and ill give you a life

None of the pictures belong to me This is just a quiz Let me know if you have any suggestions

pick some outfits and i'll reveal your past life!

this quiz will reveal what your past life was like. there are four different options, each of them going in lots of detail about your childhood, adult life and extra info! anyone can take this quiz as the options do not say the gender of the person (that is all up to you!). also, use your imaginatio...

Are you a Green Teletubby or a Loud Child?

Take this quiz and find out if you're Dream or TommyInnit! Made by SUCKITGREENBOY and Toastbur! ❤️ This quiz is made purely for fun; enjoy!

Which Voltron Lion would pick you as their Paladin?

Each of the Paladins, past and present, have been chosen by the Lions themselves. Ever been curious about which Lion would want you as their pilot? Being a Paladin of Voltron is a huge responsibility. You must be able to work effectively in a team, regardless of your feelings towards any other pilot...

Which black clover character is your BFF?

Includes all of the black bulls, Yuno, Mimosa, Klaus, all of the magic knight captains, and the wizard king. Kinda a long quiz, includes spoilers for season 3. For my fellow black clover fans :)

This Or That? (Music Editon)

This Or That? (Music Edition). This is gonna be a little different than my other This Or That?s, but I still think it's a good quiz!

Spend a Day as a Witch and I'll Tell You What Kind of Witch You Are

Spend a day as a witch! Are you a dark witch, ocean witch, green witch, or cosmic witch?
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