Who Is Your Greek God Parent?

In this quiz find out which of the major Greek Gods from Percy Jackson is your parent? All credit goes to Rick Riordan, who put amazing twists on the classic greek myths.

Who is your greek godly parent (most accurate version)

Do you wanna know who your greek godly parent is? You're in luck! A warning: these questions are not gonna be your typical "what your hobby" and then one of the answers is swimming, like come on. It's going to go a little deeper than that. So, I hope you like it!

Find out your Harry Potter blood type

Find out your Harry Potter blood type and facts about your blood type

Demigod: Greek or Roman?

We've all seen them; we've all participated in them; who are our godly parents. The bad thing is, sometimes they're only a set of Greek gods or Roman gods, and we cannot really know which Camp we belong to. So, as a demigod myself, I bring you a personality quiz on what camp you really a...

Camp Half-Blood Life (Females) long results

This is a quiz that I hope you will enjoy. The answers are based on your choices. This quiz is my first quiz, so comment if I need to improve it or change something. Thanks for playing. P.S. For the sake of the results, please pretend that these demigods never dated anyone and your character is the...

Which is your godly parent? (Percy Jackson quiz, full)

This is a quiz with ALL of the Greek Gods. I was tired of quizzes that only had the twelve olympians and with obvious questions like: "What is your favourite colour?", so I decided to make my own. If you want a comprehensive (if a bit long) quiz to truly find your godly parent, this is the q...
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