What Percent Theater Kid Are You?

Take this quiz to determine how much of a theater kid you are! Spoilers for Hamilton, Falsettos, Sweeney Todd, Heathers, and Grease!

What Heathers character are you?

None of this amazing art is mine.

Which Heathers Character are you?

Are you most similar to Heather Chandler, the queen bee herself, or our peacefully but heavily misguided protagonist, Veronica Sawyer? Or someone else together? Each character in the Heathers contain their own, carefully thought out personalities with several layers. Find out which one matches you t...

What does Heather chandler think of you?

Hi guys. Not everyone knows this movie so if you don't know the musical or movie don't take this quiz. And go check out my other quizzes!

Heathers: The Musical - Lyrics

Test Your Heathers Lyrics Skills! not every song included, but I am still working on it. anyways... (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Enjoy ♥.

What Heathers character are you?

Want to know which Heathers you are? Take the quiz and find out! heathers
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