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Choose Some Images and Get a Weird Fact

A short quiz that contains six possible results that you can receive. None of the images or facts belong to me. Enjoy the quiz!

You're a super: so what's your power?

Humans have not unlocked their full brain capacity, right? So what if every single one of us actually has super powers we just haven't figured out how to access that part of our brain yet. Find out what super power is running through your veins right now.
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Are you really a human...?

Have you ever felt you dont fit it? Have you ever had strange memories you can't remember having before...? Maybe your...not human. Take this quiz and find out.

Which North African Countryhuman are you?

Wow I finally finished!! endless apologies for being so late with it! I guess I have a life now... I have more coming!! there are about 22 countries in this one so have fun, and be sure to read questions 1 and 21; thank you!!!

Mal, Phil, or Indo? Which are you- Countryhumans

Hey! Welcome to this quiz! I hope you enjoy it, I don't really have anything else to say so… yeah. None of the art used is mine, Btw follow if you like it, I’ve got more coming and already have quite a bit here (*´꒳`*)🌸✨

Which North American Countryhuman are you?

Hey my lovelies! I see that you’ve decided to read the description. This quiz includes Greenland because he’s around there. Well, I hope you love it, because I think it’s trash. Comment which continent you would like next, and I will get an overall of your ideas, and make it happen!

Which East Asian Countryhuman are you?

Hia, thanks for clicking this quiz. Idk what else to put here except I hope you enjoy, none of the art here is mine, leave any suggestions in the comments. I will be doing more quizzes like this later! ✨✨✨

Elder Scrolls Race Test

A quiz to show you which of the 10 playable races in the Elder Scrolls franchise best represents you.

do you deserve basic human rights?

ok, keep replying to me on and on, do it. make me go mad. Cause you know I know I care. do it now I’m encouraging you. I know you know this annoys me. It annoys everyone too, I know how little effort you out into wanting me and egging me on go put the cat ears and maid costume on. But the replies? r...

Which ’Alessio’ Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which of the melodramatic characters from Alessio you are! This is just for fun, nothing to take seriously, so if you get offended or upset the result ’isn't like you’, then there's bigger things to worry about. :)))) There are also no spoilers!
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