which harry potter character is obsessed with you.

❗ ♡(30.08.2021) UPDATED WITH NEW QUESTIONS♡ ❗ 🌷 I hope you liked the quiz, if you did follow me for more! 🌷 TW: this quiz contains yandere stuff. -- this quiz is also on my uQuiz profile '' angel0fairy '' -- the pictures in this quiz does not belong to me , all rights are reserved.

What marauder are you? (Lily, Regulus and Snape included)

What marauder are you? Are you James,Sirius, peter or Remus? Maybe your also regulus (Sirius brother), Lily (Harry’s mother) or Snape?

Your Harry Potter Life (for girls- long results!)

Do you want to go to Hogwarts? To learn spells, make friends, battle people? Oh come on, I know you do. Well, hate to break it to ya, but that is probably not going to happen. Hey, we all wish it would. But, that one sliver of hope rests aside inside you, and you still have that thirst, that desire....

Which Marauder are You?

There are 10 questions to answer and at the end you will get a result! This is just for fun ❤️

What would be your Marauder name and Animagus?

There's Padfoot, Prongs, there's Moony, and Wormtail-- what about you? Take the quiz to see what you're Marauder name is! Girls only! (i'm marauders trash so i made another quiz-- enjoy!)

Which Marauders Era character are you?

Take this quiz to figure out which marauders era character you are! Results include James, Lily, Peter, Sirius, Remus, Snape, Marlene and Regulus :))

build your Harry Potter life (long results)

Build your Harry Potter character and see what your life would be like, with detailed scenarios. Hope you enjoy!

marauders life

take this quiz to see your life in the marauders era and if you're one of my friends seeing this no you dont
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