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How Masculine/Feminine are you?

Based off of 20th century gender norms in the western part of the world, are you considered masculine, feminine, or somewhere in between? FOR ALL GENDERS
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What’s your aesthetic? (masculine version)

Female version will probs never be out cause me and Rose spends too much time on this 👍 anyway enjoy gentlemen (and masculine presenting ladies)! Some results are satire ofc <3

Do You Have More Masculine or Feminine Beauty? (anime pix)

Enjoy! Keep in mind, idk how you look so of course the result isn't gonna always be accurate.^^' It's just my best guess. Not meant to be sexist or anything, just for fun.

Are you more feminine or masculine?

This is not are you a girl or a boy, because you kow that. this is t dtermine weather you have a bigger femenine side or a bigger masculine side.

How masculine or feminine are you?

Are you masculine,feminine or a bit of both? Find out through this quiz.

Get an Aesthetic (masculine)

Take this quiz to get an aesthetic! This quiz is going to be mostly masculine clothes but I also have a feminine version of this quiz. Enjoy!

Is your personality more masculine or feminine in nature?

Are you wondering if your personality tends to be more boyish or girlish? do you already know and just want to get some sort of confirmation? or maybe you're just bored out of your skull and need something to do... regardless, take and rate ^.^

Take this quiz and get a name (masculine)

Answer 10 random questions then you shall get a name from my Pinterest board

Are you Feminine or Masculine? [Mini Quiz]

[Open for males and females!] Yeah, so, this isn't 100% accurate if you weren't certain. I'm just taking a semester of sociology, so. Answer all questions honestly for best result.
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