Which DSMP members will be your dorm mates?

This is all pretty random. Nothing to do with your personality or anything :]

Are you mates with Crowfeather, Greystripe, Jayfeather, or Firestar?

Don't tell me toms can't take this quiz, toms CAN. Boys can love boys!

Who Are You In The Inner Circle?

You have read the title, you get the idea. WARNING: this quiz is best if you have read the books I am not psychic or Sarah J. Mass this is not fully accurate, just have fun with it!

Is He Your TRUE Soulmate?

This quiz is based off of symptoms of the true "top soulmate" also known as the twin flame.

Who is your perfect match?

Find your perfect everything. The one and only. So it out of curiosity. You know you want to know your soulmate. Will not be edited until the author gets bored beyond hell.

What Mobile Dating Sim Should You Play?

I like visual novels and dating sims quite a lot, how about you? Well if you're in the mood for a new one and can't make it to your computer right now, never fear! Take this quiz to find out what mobile dating sim you should play.

Get Yourself a Soulmate AU, Man

Soulmate AU = Soulmate Alternate universe An alterate universe where your soul mate is assigned to you by fate [Shoutout to Morning !!!]. Wonder what kind of soulmate AU you are? Me neither! But I know we're all curious so come and try this quiz, man.
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