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Which Clone High Character Are You?

A lil' quiz I made in honor of the Reboot that is in the works! Suggestions are always welcomed, and comments are appreciated!
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Teen Wolf Life

Answers are for girls’ lives only. Kinda long answers

What would you be in Beacon Hills?

Now that everyone in Beacon Hills knows about the Supernatural and many decades after the Hale fire and start of the McCall pack have pased, there is another generation in town. Find out just who you are in this strange town. ~Also used for a Teen Wolf Rpg server~

How Well Do You Know Monica Geller?

How much do you know about our other favourite Geller?

Which Clone High Character are you?

Ever remember that historically inaccurate cartoon on MTV called Clone High? Well, if you do, take this quiz to see which character you are!

How Well Do You Know Ross Geller?

How much do you know about our favourite Geller?
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