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"The Mudblood" Quiz

Which member of the Slytherin Six are you most like? Clearly not one of the members of the Slytherin Six is perfect (or even close to perfect), but most of us have at least a bit of one of them in us. See which member you are most similar to. (This is just for fun, if you're most like Melody tha...
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What's Your Harry Potter Blood Type?

Mudblood, Pureblood, or Half-blood. I put Mudblood. If you find it offensive first, get over it. It's fake. YOUR NOT A WIZARD o.e second, I'm not going to change it. Thanks for taking the quiz xD

What is your blood status?

This isn’t necessarily a knowledge quiz but more of an attitude quiz! 😁

Your Life After Hogwarts...

Welcome to Wizarding Career Conseulling! Let's see what your post-Hogwarts life will be like...including a detailed description of your career, life, and death!

Harry Potter: A wizarding quiz

What kind of Wizard are you? Find out by answering these 30 questions...

How well do you know 'The Mudblood'?

This quiz will be very hard! I don't mean to brag, but I myself am equipped with tonnes and tonnes of Mudblood knowledge as I have read and reread the story about a million times. So don't feel bad if you don't know the answers to most questions, because I'm telling you now it will b...

Ultimate Harry Potter quiz!

Have you seen the films, or even read the books? Do you think you know enough about Harry Potter to conquer this quiz? Try and see, then, muggle...

Are you A Mudblood, Halfblood, Pureblood, or Muggle?

If you wanted to know your blood type in the Harry Potter universe rather than house type, step right up and take this quiz! (Sucky description is sucky description)

How well to you know The Mudblood?

How well do you know The Mudblood ? Find out! (Warning, if you have not read the book or are currantly reading it this contains spoilers!) By Kirsten the author of this wonderful book!

Your Hogwarts Experience (Long Results)

I have made plenty of these quizzes and always am told to make another one, so here it is. It includes plenty of information, along with your best friends, your enemies, your house, blood status, personalities, your lovers, your Patronouses, and much more. Remember to leave your opinion in the comm...
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