What The MLP Characters Think Of You (Based Off Celebs)

Includes Mane 6 plus a few background characters :] Results are based off of celebrities. Note that some results are male and some are female. If you get the wrong gender just pretend that he is a she or something :)

What my little pony are you

Take this quiz to find out what little pony you are <3

What My Little Pony Character Are You?

Which MLP Character are you? From Starlight to Spike you can get any main character you desire!

Which MLP character are you?

This quiz has Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow dash, fluttershy, apple jack, pinkie pie, sweetie belle, scootaloo, applebloom, princess luna, princess celestia, princess cadance, discord, starlight glimmer, sunset shimmer and flurry heart. Good luck!!!

Which My Little Pony are you?

This quiz just contains the main six. I would gladly put in more characters but most of the time, my quizzes flop and it was just a waste of time putting in extra characters. If this happens to do better than my current quizzes, then I will put in more answers in a new quiz. Especially if requested.

What species would you be in MLP:FiM

A quiz on what species you would be in Equestria, including griffins, dragons, and so much more.

Which Cutie Mark Crusader are you?

Who do you think you are in The Cutie Mark Crusaders? Who do you think your in common with? Take this test to know!

What Does Rarity Think of You?

Hello, everypony, it's ELIPSEMLP22X HERE! YAY! I am back for good, guys! I will be doing more quizzes than ever. I have been so busy with school and my studies that... in shame... I forgot to come on for quite a while. HOWEVER, before you post a comment saying, "You're lazy" or whate...

Is your MLP OC a Mary Sue? (FEM)

Title explains it all, plus this is for Female, I'll do a male one later :>

Can you name these mlp gen1?

Can you guess all of them? are you a true mlp fan? find out by playing this quiz!!
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