A happy ending isn’t free part 7

For most of your life you were treated poorly but you where finally freed and ready to start a new life in a new place. Will your new life be what you dreamed about or will it be what you had nightmares about?.

Your Fantasy Name

Go through an adventure and discover what you would be called in a fantasy world. Includes what type of character you would be, if you're good or evil, your look book and, of course, your name and its meaning. *Anyone can take this, the names are feminine but can belong to whoever wants them* :)

Plan Your Dream Wedding; Get a Wedding Theme

All in the title baby. Also this quiz is mainly geared toward a feminine audience but there are wlw choices! btw it was so hard to find pictures that matched the actual aesthetic, so forgive me :( Thanks for taking the quiz! Comment if you have any questions or concerns!

which k-pop artist and mythical pet are you?

this is gonna be my last one for the week and i know it's not that good but i tried and it was random so take if you want and i J/h o p e you enjoy the quizz💜💗💕💞 i also put some swear words so you are now warned but whatever bye lovies ig
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