What Dragon Is Looking For You?

Maybe it's been watching you for a long time, or maybe it just found you. But what is it? What does it want with you? ~~Thanks so much for the 400+ hearts!~~~

You Didn't See This Coming

Heroes don't exist. All along they were just little boys playing with wooden swords.

What mythical creature are you?

Have you ever wondered what you would be in a world of fairy tales Or what myth or legend you would be in our world we live in now Why question and find out instead

Are you Yin or Yang?

Answer some questions and I'll tell you if you're either Yin or Yang from Chinese philosophy!

Your inner monster

Everyone has a monster hidden inside od them - it's their fears, insecurities and doubts. Which creature hides inside you? Find out!

Which Aztec God Would Adopt You?

(Different gods from my other Aztec God quiz). These Aztec gods have been feeling lonely in their respective domains, and honestly, hooking up with humans has gotten a bit old for them. They are searching for a deeper connection and, unfortunately, they are looking straight your way. Which Aztec god...

Which of the Greek Gods have Blessed You?

There are many Greek gods and goddesses. Which ones have granted you their blessing? Answer these questions to find out. This quiz includes minor gods and goddesses, as well as titans! This is a little quiz I made for fun. I know it's been done a lot, but I really wanted to make one myself. It i...
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