A/B/O (Omegaverse) (many specific results)

What omegaverse secondary gender are you? Alpha, Beta, or Omega? There aren’t just three results. There six outcomes, each letting you know what you’re compatible with and a little about your personality.

What Male Personality Are You? (Alpha vs Beta vs Omega vs Sigma vs Others)

Have you ever wondered about yourself? Who you are? What others think of you? What your purpose is? Well wonder no longer! This quiz will tell you exactly who you are! No more late nights staring at the ceiling and wondering what your identity is. No more crying because you have no idea who you are....

What is Your Omegaverse Pheromone Scent (For Omegas!)

In the Omegaverse, Omegas have a unique scent that goes with their pheromones while in heat. Take this quiz to find out what yours is. This applies to omegas only, but you can still take it if you aren't to see what your scent would be if you were an omega. (Many results).

What would your scent be? (A/B/O)

Your scents would be attractive, strong or cute?

Which Secondary Gender Are You? (ABO)

33% are alphas. 56% are betas. 11% are omegas. Out of the hundreds of people on the planet, which dynamic do you think you are?

Which Bl Manhwa should you read next?

Don't know which Bl Manhwa to read next? Take my recommendation!

Your Miscecanis life (Like SMASH but with pics)

Like that game in elementary school where you get a random lifestyle based on a number you pick but more free and Miscecanis based xD
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