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Alpha/Beta/Omega which are you?

Take this quiz to see if you are the Alpha male/female, Beta male/female, or the Omega male/female. I assure you, everyone has their place in the pack, and everyone has a role of importance.

Your Rank in a Lycan Pack

Take this quiz to find out your rank in a Lycan pack and more! :D
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What Male Personality Are You? (Alpha vs Beta vs Omega vs Sigma vs Others)

Have you ever wondered about yourself? Who you are? What others think of you? What your purpose is? Well wonder no longer! This quiz will tell you exactly who you are! No more late nights staring at the ceiling and wondering what your identity is. No more crying because you have no idea who you are....

Can you survive an aggressive alpha mate?

What if you were to be chosen as a mate for a belligerent alpha of a werewolf pack? You think you can handle the position?

What type of wolf are you?

Which wolf are you? This is just a quiz, don't take it seriously Hate comments will be deleted.

Your Inner Wolf

If you were a wolf, where would you stand in the pack? (my new and improved wolf pack position quiz)

Which werewolf pack do you belong in?

Find out which pack chooses you, as well as their aesthetic, pack colors and motto. 🐺

I trapped the Twilight wolf pack in FNAF sister location!

No offense to the wolf pack-I love twilight-Embry, Seth, and Leah are my favorites-Have fun

Which TPW (The Phantom War) role would you be?

★In this quiz, you can figure out which role of the TE pack you are! Keep in mind! This is a roleplay I made which I do with my friends so this isn't a real show or place. However, this roleplay takes place in the game AJPW so some of the locations or settings will be from the game. Most of the ...

Who Are You from the Riverwood Pack RP?

This is all from my RP group, Riverwood Pack RP!
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