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Cliched 24 - Medieval fantasy (12)

You can enjoy a cliched dungeon this time. //Sorry, but I'm too tired now to write the usual warnings, so I just can hope that you won't be surprised when you find cliches and extreme character types in this story, because it's a parody and experiment. Other errors are due to lack of sle...
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The Parodied Jokeland Quiz

This is basically a parody of The Promised Neverland, you can read it for free online

Is your oc a Mary Sue (Satire)

This is purely satire, and not an actual quiz for this. This parodies many problems within these quizzes.

Who is your Creepypasta boyfriend?

Want to know which Creepypasta would really date you? Take this quiz to find your Creepypasta soulmate and learn who you're best compatible with.

Cliched 23 - Medieval fantasy (11)

Almost as if paying homage to the current weather (at least that of my country) in this chapter you'll wander about in a scorching desert. And of course you'll encounter a few cliches. //This story is an experiment and parody. So extreme characters and cliches are intentional, but grammatica...

How Much Do You Know About Shirokuma Cafe?

How much do you know about this underrated anime? Come and find out.

Cliched 1 - Running in the dark

This is supposed to be a wwffy parody. It's more like an experiment, than an actual story, but I hope you'll find it funny and instructive!^^

How Much Do You Know About "Angelina Ballerina"?

How much do you know about the this underrated children's cartoon? Come and find out! Edit: This is the most successful thing I have ever uploaded to the internet... I hate my life.

Cliched 22 - Medieval fantasy (10)

Wulf finally got the information you've all been looking for and swings into action. Finally it's time to save Hero and fight an epic battle against to evil usurper of the castle...! Nope, this is not that kind of story. //This is a parody and experiment! In other words I concentrate more o...

Cliched 2 - How not to introduce the boys

After you ran quite a bit in the dark in the previous chapter, what difficulties await you in this chapter?

Cliched 21 - Medieval fantasy (9)

You continue your undercover mission (in reality: you continue washing the floors of the castle), hoping that you find out where the evil mage keeps Hero as a prisoner. Then you get a break from floor-washing, you are sent to the casstletown to buy some things for dinner. Would it be a chance to mee...

What type of student are you?

This isn't serious, and the results are just jokes. IDK I'm sleep deprived and wanted to rant, but I didn't want to write a paragraph. See what kind of annoying student in my school you are?

Cliched 20 - Medieval fantasy (8)

Subtitle: The castle This time you infiltrate the castle to find out where the kidnapped Hero is being kept. Usual reminder: this is a parody and experiment, so exaggerated characters and cliches are intentional, however grammatical and other errors are not. Special notification: this time you shoul...

Your stereotypical anime personality

Wanna find out what your sterotypical manga and anime personality is like? Well then this is the quiz for you!
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