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Are you aromantic?

I made this quiz because I've seen so many quizzes like this that simply ask questions like 'do you experience romantic attraction?' which is usually what the person taking the quiz is trying to figure out! So as someone who identifies as aromantic, I thought I'd make a quiz that is ...
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Are You Bisexual or Pansexual?

If you need help understanding the difference between bisexual and pansexual and are having trouble figuring out which one you are, hopefully this quiz can help!

Lesbian Memes (PT 2)

The part 2 to my Lesbian Memes! As it was most requested in my poll (what should I post next?) If you want to say about what I post next check that poll out on my profile, love you, darling!

What's your gender?

This quiz helps exploring gender identities. Results include 18 gender identities/terms, plus crossdresser and otherkin/therian. Keep in mind that it's impossible to include all genders in one quiz (not to say that, in a way, there are actually an infinite number of genders), and that the quiz i...

Gender quiz!! take this quiz if youre questioning your identity

VERY ACCURATE! Modeled after the way I figured out my own gender identity, and has plenty of options! Will take a while to complete, so make sure you have some free time.

Guess the Pride Flag!

Hello! This is a random pride flag quiz to see if you know your flags well! ⚠️Please don’t come here to hate. If you don’t like something or the LGBTQ+ community, keep it to yourself.⚠️

How Many Pride Flags Do You Know?

You call yourself a flag expert? Pff, take this test, if you score 100% THEN we'll talk!
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