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What watches over you?

Discover which being watches you and learn how that affects your personality. (This is VERY old, and somewhat embarassing, but thank you so much for all the responses and positivity! I never noticed this until now <3)
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What watches you?

What is watching you when our not looking? find out what lurks in the shadows

Bleach Rp substitute reaper part 3

If this does go out cool but to be honest I don’t know if it will as I’m not good at this crap I’ll still keep going but it’s probably not going to get better Update (07/17/21) yeah I started doing this again I originally made this right before uploading Life in Squad 21 so yeah you can tell this t...

Undertale Au Sleepover part 10 [LAST PART]

This is the last part of this series! I hope you all enjoyed it, but is this really over? Also, this doesn’t include any ships, if you want another version of this with Sans x Reader let me know- ALSSOO Ali Craft is one of my biggest inspirations, so if you could follow her and check her quizzes o...

Yandere Supernatural (Part 2)

Where shall Yandere-Kun lead you to? Does the mystical and eerie Mansion behold good or bad? Who shall you encounter along this troublesome route, will it lead you to death or will they perhaps take a liking to you; in addition hold you hostage or possibly worse? What is this thing entitled as, '...

Your Bleach Girlfriend!

This quiz is probably more for Guys but I would really like it If you Girls would take it too Just for Fun! :) ♥

Bleach Rp part 2 (Substitute Soul Reaper)

Man been a while hasn’t it and I have a good reason for that and that’s cause I was trying to come up with stuff and also trying to watch past episode 100 and I just finished it well yesterday

Monster Madness

Like a good-old fashioned ghost story, your misadventure takes place after an ill-fated trek through the forest and you must spend the night at an ominous manor. However, it looks like fate has decided to be somewhat nice tonight as you also have a supernatural heartthrob! Hopefully you won't mi...

Bleach rp part 1 (substitute soul reaper)

If you played the first and went with substitute reaper then yeah play this one

Which Overwatch Character is Your Lover?

Ever wonder which Overwatch character would fall in love with you? Of course you have, you're on quotev, what else would you be doing other than finding out your anime waifus and reading x reader fanfictions?

Which grim reaper will reap your soul?

well this is quiz is going to have a another sub quiz. so make sure to do it in the future. also i'm not going to consider alan and eric since they died (poor thing)

Sans AU sleepover part 4

Sorry if this is short ;-; Anyways there you have it! Part 4 is out now!! Part 5 next week cause I’m tired now ;-; So I hope you like this ^^ Love you <3
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