Your Twilight Life *Long results*

Includes a story, your soulmate, where you were born, your friends, and what species you are (some stories involve a change of species).

Your Imprint

Which of the Quileute werewolves would imprint on you? Girl's only please, unless younlads really want to :)

What Werewolf would Imprint on you? (; *warning may be LONG results*

I know there are a lot of quizzes like this but this is my first quiz that I have made so I like Team Werewolf from Twilight (: You may get between Jacob Black, Embry Call, Paul Lahote, or Seth Clearwater (;

Which Twilight character is right for you? (Boyfriend Quiz)

I LOVE TWILIGHT AND IM A HOPELESS ROMANTIC WHO WILL PROBABLY DIE ALONE WITH FOOD BLAH BLAH BLAH. But. Take this quiz to find which TWILIGHT SEXY MAN is ferr yewww c: YES there is a story in the results!

Set: An Egyptian Mythology Quiz

Chaos, destruction, banished.... How much do you really know about Set?
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