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Which Type of Shapeshifter are you?

So, you know you're a shapeshifter. After the initial shock and confusion, you're okay with that. But now, you want to learn more about your kind. Let me help you. Answer a few questions, and I'll tell you the type of shapeshifter you are. Dedicated to Sølarstørms øf Nøvember
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If you were a Formling, what would your animal form be?

If you were a Formling in the Never Realm, what would your animal form be? Take this quiz and find out!

What Titan Shifter are you?

Find out what Titan Shifter you are! Rogue Titan? Female Titan? Find Out Now! Results Are From The Attack On Titan Anime, To Fans Who Didn't Read The Manga. The Descriptions Are From The Fandom. All Ideas, And Characters Are Property Of The Respected Owners. Please Comment If You Want Results Fr...

Shifter (Part 6) - TMNT RP

Did the Turtles succeed in their mission to rescue Kraang hostage, Dr. Fredrickson? Not a WWYFF/WWFFY, more of a Who Are You Like? Long, story results! Reader is gender neutral, and some language is used in the quiz and results.

will you survive a shape shifter

A shapeshifter is going around killing people and has come to kill you. you have 2% chance of living so have fun!

Shifter (Part 5) - TMNT RP

So the Kraang have taken a NASA scientist captive for his knowledge. What happens? (Not a WWFFY/YFF, kinda a Who Are You. The reader is gender neutral!)

Shifter - Part 4 (TMNT RP)

Part 4 of the series! Glad you've stuck around this far. As always, the reader is gender neutral. And your weekly reminder that this quiz is more of a Who Are You rather than a WWFFY/YFF! (And yes, I meant the Mx. You'll figure out what I mean during the quiz.) Hope you have a great day!

Shifter (Part 3) - TMNT RP

I apologize for the long wait. But here's Part 3! If you're new to this series, I suggest starting with Part 1. The results are more of a Who-Are-You rather than WWFFY/YFF, and as always, the reader is gender neutral!

What mythical creature are you

You know the whole werewolf demon vampire mermaid shape shifter. It will tell you your name abilities and what you look like. for chicks sorry I will make one for boys

Shifter - Part 2 (TMNT RP)

So you can't leave your new reality, and it seems Kraang are after you. Why do they want you? Minor depictions of violence, and slight swearing. Not a WWFFY/WWYFF, more of a 'Who Are You More Like' or a 'Who's Your Friend' than anything else. I apologize for how OOC the turtl...

AOT what kind of titan shifter would you be ?

Ever wondered what kind of titan shifter you would be ? Well find out in this Test !!! Hope you have fun !!!

Shifter - Part 1 (TMNT RP)

Not a WWFFY/WWYFF, more of a 'Who Are You More Like' or a 'Who Would Befriend You'. I'm more writing this for the plot aspect, honestly. I like the format of a roleplay. Here's the basics: you just discovered reality shifting on TikTok and decide to shift to a place 10-year-o...

Which Shapeshifter are you most like?

READ THIS PLEASE I am SO tired of people being like "But I'm a girl/guy.." HUSH....READ.....this is NOT gender based....it is PERSONALITY BASED it is not "what shapeshifter ARE you?" it's "what shapeshifter are you MOST LIKE?" "Their souls are torn constantly betw...

An Encounter With Oriana

Just an experiment to see how you/your OC would fare with my OC, Oriana! ((no pictures are mine, all are off Google)) Please enjoy ^^

Which Titan shifter are you? (AOT/SNK)

Contains spoilers! Have you ever wondered which of the five main Titan shifter do you resemble the most?....Well you're in luck! 'Cause you just happened to stumble across this somewhat accurate yet terribly made quiz! I apologize in advance for any grammatical/spelling mistakes. Disclaimer!...
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