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Are you Thor, Loki, or Hela?

Hello! This quiz will tell you if your Thor, Loki, or Hela- What the title says

Which Revenger are you?

Which Revenger are you? Thor, Loki, Hulk or Valkerie? ♥️💜💚💙
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Are you the child of Loki, Hella or Thor?

Hey guys, I’m back. So it’s been a few weeks (*cough cough* 4 months *cough cough*) but I’m back! Sorry, I had exams and family drama. Anyways, here’s a new quiz to see if your parent is Loki, Thor or Hella. Or maybe none. Arts not mine, I don’t own Marvel or any characters.

Marvel Parent

What would happen if the original six Avengers had kids? Here there are 3 daughter and 3 sons of the Original six Avengers. Take this quiz to find out who your parent is and a little backstory.

Which Avenger Guy Will Kiss You Under the Mistletoe?

Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Thor, Bucky Barnes, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Loki, and Pietro Maximoff

What Are You The God/Goddess Of?

In-Marvel/Norse mythology What are you the god/goddess of? Take this quiz to find out!

What Would Sylvie Think of You?

What would Marvel Loki's Sylvie think of you?

Would you survive Thanos Snap?

Do YOU have what it takes to survive the deadly finger snap of Thanos... well there is only one way to find out.. By taking this quiz!!"
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