Which My Little Pony Character Are You?

Which character from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic are you? There are 15 different results! This has the mane 6 along with more characters!! This probably won't be accurate hehehe...

Which My Little Pony are you?

This quiz just contains the main six. I would gladly put in more characters but most of the time, my quizzes flop and it was just a waste of time putting in extra characters. If this happens to do better than my current quizzes, then I will put in more answers in a new quiz. Especially if requested.

Does Twilight Sparkle like you?

Twilight: Hi. Jay Song asked me to make a quiz, and here it is! So, the question is, Do I like you? Are we friends?

Which mlp character are you?

My little pony friendship is magic character are you rarity, twilightsparkle, fluttershy, rainbowdash, pinkie pie, apple jack, princess Celestia, or Spike for girls mostly but guys can take too:)