What japanese name best suits you? (Unisex)

Hey! As a fluent japanese speaker I decided to make a unisex quiz! I noticed most were for those who identify as girls only and as a trans boy that really irks me. I decided to make my own! Have fun!

Create An Outfit And I'll Give You An Aesthetic (Unisex)

Your clothing style can say a lot about your aesthetic. Take this quiz to see what your aesthetic is based on the decisions you make while choosing an outfit!

What Unisex name fits you best?

I'm Nonbinary and trying to come up with a New Name for myself, but I though I'd share this quiz in case anybody else wants to try it out!

What type of Dere are you! (all female/unisex types)

Find out what Dere in your favorite animes taking this quiz!
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