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Which Michael Jackson Variant Are You ?

The King of Pop wasn't only the best dancer and singer in the world. He was also a film enthusiast who dreamed of playing in big productions. But among the roles he could have played, which one would suit you the most ?
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Visit the TVA

[SPOILERS] Whatever you did, it wasn't supposed to happen. You've affected the timeline and are now face to face with the TVA itself. What will become of you?

Which Loki Variant Are You?

How in the Nine Realms did you end up in the TVA? Isn't a Loki supposed to be able to outwit those nitwits? Well, too late now. Find out which you landed yourself in trouble this time, and which of your mischievous traits will nevertheless help you survive.

What peashooter variant are you in PvZ garden warfare

Wondering "What peashooter are you in PvZ garden warfare?" Well, why not take this quiz? Plz comment and like more quizzes will be made! ;)

What Alolan Variant Are You?

I now made one for Alolan variants now!

What Galarian Variant Are You Part 2

Part 2 is here! If you did not do part 1 that is okay.

What Galarian Variant Are You?

This quiz tells you what Galarian form you are, part 2 is out now!

Waiting for Right Person

During our life we look for someone, that would be able to fill gap in ours soul. But not always we find them. It is a fate, that brings to us this one and only. Our love. No matter how we unite with other, this moment is the happiest for us. Even so, there are some situations, in which you can catc...
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