Your Viking Name

— make a few creative choices & I'll match you to an Old Norse name || names are all female

Your Historical Era Aesthetic

══════✮❁•°♛°•❁✮ ══════ What historical era is the aesthetic for you?

Make a moodboard & get a Norse goddess

— make a moodboard & get matched to the Norse goddess who suits it best || my friend Gúðrun did the research & I made the moodboards

How To Train You Dragon [Life]

With majestic beasts and the chance to soar above the clouds, uncover your fate in the world of dragons.

How to Train Your Dragon- Your New Dragon

You discover a new dragon! What will it be? For How To Train Your Dragon or Riders of Berk fans.

Are you Aven, Pitch, or Enel?

It's exactly what the cover says. Take this quiz to determine who you are out of my fictional cast of characters.
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