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What kind of base magic do you have?

Figure out what type of base magic you posess by taking this quiz the results from this quiz will help with the second quiz to figure out your specific magic type

What is your animal familiar?

familiar- an animal companion that a witch has a magical connection with ~ ~ Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!! <3
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Alasdair School For WitchCraft - Year 1: Chapter 1

Note ~ This is a remake of the original Alasdair series and it's hopefully a lot better. You can try and take the original, but it isn't necessary. It's your birthday! Wonder what you'll do today...

What is your dominant magical ability?

We all have magic within us: some weaknesses, some strengths. Each ability has its own perks and downsides, but which one are you most dominant at? Take this quiz to find out!

What Type Of Witch Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of witch you are? Take this quiz to find out now. (This is a very old quiz of mine and I swear my other ones are way better than whatever this is!)

Where Would You Belong In Dishonored?

If you lived in Dunwall City from Dishonored, what sort of person would you be? Would you be a regular citizen, in a gang, a Whaler, a witch, or perhaps something different entirely? Would The Outsider himself favour you?

What Kind Of Witch Are You?

Enter the old cottage in the woods, sit by the fire and look deep into the flames for answers.
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