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A royal ball

Airy music, swaying bodies by the dance floor, inviting you to have a night of fun at the royal ball of Arguth. You flitter across the display of treats, pondering over what to eat first, startling when someone taps you on the shoulder. Whoever could it be? Shall we find out?

Cliched 24 - Medieval fantasy (12)

You can enjoy a cliched dungeon this time. //Sorry, but I'm too tired now to write the usual warnings, so I just can hope that you won't be surprised when you find cliches and extreme character types in this story, because it's a parody and experiment. Other errors are due to lack of sle...
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Sugar And Spice ~2012 TMNT (WWFFY//WWYFF) ~Part 1 ~

☆ Y/n L/n, you're just a normal human, a high school student at Roosevelt High. However one day an encounter with some mysterious men changes your life forever. ☆ What happens next and what route you go down is all up to you, dear quiz taker. ☆ Y/n is gender-neutral here, so anyone can play/take...

Alasdair School For WitchCraft - Year 1: Chapter 1

Note ~ This is a remake of the original Alasdair series and it's hopefully a lot better. You can try and take the original, but it isn't necessary. It's your birthday! Wonder what you'll do today...

Which King Did You Attract? 2.0

*This is the 2nd part, the 1st quiz can be found in my profile* O chosen one, you will start learning about the truth now. The truth that brought you to their world, to be summoned, and to be bonded by the five powerful kings. Your connection is your destiny - especially with that one soul.

Train Wreck | Avengers WWYFF (Part 2)

Y/n’s normal date has gone horribly wrong. Now, he/she/they is/are stuck in a HYDRA facility with no idea where he/she/they is/are. Dragged through painful memories and dr*gged again and again, Y/n is scared that all is lost. He/she/they has/have no idea that the Avengers are on their way to save hi...

26) Aldwyn's Academy, Year Three: The Summer Before

This is what happens the summer before your last year. Secret slumber parties, plenty of gossip, and maybe a surprise from your someone special? [An interlude between years 3 & 4]

Ordinary Individual {LotR WWYFF} - 01

A clumsy individual (YOU) manages to get caught up in an unlucky cycle of events that start... with you being an absolute klutz! XD

Into the Forest of Twilight, Chapter Fifteen (High Fantasy wwffy)

After your ordeal in that half-seen land of red fog, you rest in a warm room by a flickering fire. Will you pass the next challenge? Or will you fail?

Would you survive an elevator?

Having woken up early for morning classes, you make your way to the elevators... (Warnings on first question and each individual result)

Fates Intertwined: A WWYFF/WWFFY Experience - Part 1

I'm old enough to remember Quizilla quizzes and the whole concept of "wwyff" (who will you fall for)/"wwffy" (who will fall for you) stories and I miss them so I'm going to try and create my own heavily inspired by my personal favorite series from 2009+. I'm gonna try and...

To Be a Princess 4

I hope you like it! Still, no beta reader so if there's a mistake feel free to tell me!

Would you survive a night camping?

Camping on the first day of snow; it's a tradition amongst your childhood friends. But will this trip go as planned? (Warnings on first question and each individual result)
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