If You Were A Dragon

Ever wondered what dragon you'd be? Includes where you live, what you eat, and other facts. No pics are mine.

What is Your Canterwood Crest Academy Story?

What would your life be like at Canterwood Crest? Take this quiz to find out! Remember to answer truthfully. To find out what certain things look like (clothes, dorm, horses, etc) click on the blue/red coloured words. Canterwood Crest is not my book, none of the photos are mine either.

What would you look like as furry

This is fur girls,very sorry but guys can try too

What Type of Dragon are you?

Do you like dragons as much as I do? Then this very accurate quiz will determine what kind of dragon you are. Take a swing at it.

Which LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) is for you? New or Old?

If you love LPS this quiz is for you! Like the old LPS better? Like the new LPS better? Well, let's find out which is really for you! P.S. If you don't know, a while ago the LPS figures used to be authentic looking, cute, and have bobbly heads, and in recent years LPS has changed them to a ...

Are you a monkey?

Are you good enough to be a monkey?

Are you awesome?

Blahblah idk first quiz so yeah hahahah.

What animal are you?

7 quiz omg thats a lot take it ppl im bored comment me so i would explode from laughter im bored

Do animals like you?

Are you the kind of person animals like?

What is YOUR Awesome Element Wolf?

I know there are a billion of these quizzes but I was bored so...ENJOY!

What dog are you?

Find out what type of dog you would have been if you were one and what your name would be
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