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What Is Your Element?

Which of the four main elements of nature are you? Could it be fire🔥? Water💧? Air💨? Or Earth🌎? If you want to know, click on this quiz to find out!
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What Is You're Element Wolf

Try the quiz and you be amazed on what your result is going to be!!!

What Element Animal Are You?

Short, fun quiz. Can't tell you anything else cause I'm being lazy.

What is your element + weapon + spirit animal + gemstone?

Everyone has a spirit animal, an inner element, a favorite gemstone and their most used weapon. So, what is yours. Take this quiz to find out all four in one go and find your personalized results with elaborate explanations. I hope you enjoy my first ever quiz on Quotev!

What type of elemental wolf are you?

See what elemental wolf you are by using questions about youe daily life!

What element are you?

The title describes it all
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