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What Is Your Element?

Which of the four main elements of nature are you? Could it be fire🔥? Water💧? Air💨? Or Earth🌎? If you want to know, click on this quiz to find out!
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What is your element + weapon + spirit animal + gemstone?

Everyone has a spirit animal, an inner element, a favorite gemstone and their most used weapon. So, what is yours. Take this quiz to find out all four in one go and find your personalized results with elaborate explanations. I hope you enjoy my first ever quiz on Quotev!

What Element Animal Are You?

Short, fun quiz. Can't tell you anything else cause I'm being lazy.

What Is You're Element Wolf

Try the quiz and you be amazed on what your result is going to be!!!

What type of elemental wolf are you?

See what elemental wolf you are by using questions about youe daily life!

Find out what your Animal Guardian and Element is?

Everyone has an animal guardian, to guard their spirit and soul, find out what yours is. Every person controls an Element, find it out too!

What Element Fox are you 2

This is an update from my previous quiz "What Element Fox Are You" This one has more and better questions I would hope. Be honest when you answer. Answer as your character's personality. But as I said be honest.

What Type of Unicorn are you?

I was cleaning out some old boxes and found a book from when I was in 2nd grade called "The Secret World of Unicorns". I loved the little models that came with it and for the longest time I thought it was a factual book on unicorns. So, I decided to make a quiz about it because why not. Once...

What type of dragon are you & what element does it control?

What dragon are you? Note: This quiz took me SO LONG, so I really encourage you to take it!

What elemental wolf are you?

Just a quiz to find out what kind of wolf you'd be.
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