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Are you A Real Warrior?

Find out if you are a true warrior! Everyone wants to know! How well do you know the Last Hope? And so many more questions! WARNING THIS QUIZ RUINS ALL THE KEY PIONTS IN THE WARRIOR SERIES! This is my first quiz thoughugh okay so don't be to harsh is something is wrong.
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How much do you know about Firestar?

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the fiery protagonist of the first series.

Warrior Cats (Series One) (Part 3)

Welp, let's go! XD Recap: Beating Longtail was tough, but hey, you're part of the Clan now! The dream you have that night kiiiiinda ruins the euphoria, though...

What does Firestar think of you?

This is a quiz about what Firestar think of you. (Sorry if you think it was bad)

How well do you know Firestar

i know this is short but its my second quiz

What is your Warrior name and life? (She-cats only! Longish results)

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like as a Warrior cat? Here you can discover your inner Warrior cat.

Do you know Firestar?

A very short quiz that shows how well you know Firestar! Do you think you really know Firestar? Try this to find out if that's true! :)

How Well Do You Know Warrior Cats (HARD)

This is just a warrior cats quiz. It’s hard for people who don’t pay attention to minor detail XD If you have not read A Vision Of Shadows, don’t take this. Anyways, have fun! (And plz leave a comment or heart if possible, it would mean a lot for feedback :])

How well do you know about Firestar?

The title say it all! Come test your knowledge skills on the legendary Firestar! (This was requested and picture isn't mine)

which warriors protagonist are you?

always wanted to know which warrior cat fits you best? now you can! find out which of the fifteen warriors protagonists from series one to six you're most like!

How Well Do You Know Firestar?

How well do you know Firestar? Test yourself here!
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