Warrior cats RP: Clan results/Role (She-cats only!)

Ever wonder what your life in Warrior cats would be like? Well, take this quiz to find out your future before the RP starts! Clan RPs coming soon!

What is your warrior cats name!

Just a random personality quiz! Feel free to use the names I provide, idc much about them really. I'm not gonna be all like NO YOU CAnT USE ThIS NaME EVEn If IT IS COmmOn aND bORInG. This also isn't gendered. And I inculded clans and ranks because I was heccing bored

What is your Warrior Cat life? (She-Cats)

I used some of my OCs to make a quiz, if you liked it stay tuned for my to be posting my one fanfictions and OC back stories!

which warriors protagonist are you?

always wanted to know which warrior cat fits you best? now you can! find out which of the fifteen warriors protagonists from series one to six you're most like!

Warrior Cats: Can you be a Medicine Cat?

Being a Medicine cat in the world of Warrior Cats is a very important job that many cats can't handle. It takes patience and determination to successfully care and treat other cats. You have to be able to remember tons of life saving herbs and techniques in order to care for your clan mates and ...

Which Thunderclan Leader are you?

Which Thunderclan leader are you? Bluestar? Firestar? Sunstar? PInestar? Bramblestar?

What Warrior Cat Clan Should You Be In?

Are you suited to hunt in the undergrowth, and be kind, and loyal, like Thunderclan? Or are you suited to dash after your prey, and be lithe and fast, like Windclan? Or maybe swimming is more your style, and you are suited to fish for your food, and be sleek and strong, like Riverclan? Could you be ...

What is Your Warrior Cat Name?

Let StarClan decide who you really are in the warrior cat world of Erin Hunter!

could you be a medicine cat?

is it your wish to enter the mysteries of starclan as a medicine cat? then come forward. warriors of starClan, I present you with this apprentice. they have chosen the path of a medicine cat. grant them your wisdom and insight so that they may understand your ways and heal their clan in accordance w...

Warrior cats name and rank quiz!

My first quiz! Sorry if any typos were made, i tried my best and i hope you enjoy the names!

Who would you be in ThunderClan?

This is just a quiz to see who you would be from ThunderClan in the book series 'Warriors'. This is my first quiz and it's like 11:06 PM, I'm sorry. ;;

Firestar's Biography Test

A young kittypet named Rusty had a curious mind. It sent signals to his paws, telling them to go to the forest. That is when Rusty had bumped into a few warriors. Little did he know, there was a prophecy for him to fulfill. Do you know all about what happened in the course of his lifetime?
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