Find your GoldClan mate!

Sorry, she-cats only! I will make one for toms later! Semi-long results. Not my art

How well do you know Hollyleaf?

How well do you know one of my favorite Warrior cats characters? Images are not mine. The only image that it mine is the Hollyleaf picture for question 1.

How well do you know Warriors?

Want to test your Warrior Cat knowlege? Take this quiz to find out how good your are at Warriors!

Which cat are you from the Three?

Are you the quiet but clever Dovewing, the fierce and strong Lionblaze or the cool and knowledgable Jayfeather?

How well do you know RiverClan?

A long quiz to see how well you know RiverClan, my favorite Clan! I went a little question-crazy this time

What is your Warrior life story

What is your Warrior life story? (Note- I own NONE of the picture you will see on this quiz)

Warrior Cats: Can you be a Medicine Cat?

Being a Medicine cat in the world of Warrior Cats is a very important job that many cats can't handle. It takes patience and determination to successfully care and treat other cats. You have to be able to remember tons of life saving herbs and techniques in order to care for your clan mates and ...
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