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What would you look like as a wolf?

What would your fur colour be as a wolf, and what does your result say about you?

Do you have a werewolf inside you

This will prove if sooner or later,you will turn into a werewolf
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What rank are you in a wolf pack? (lone wolves as well)

Are you the Alpha of the pack? Perhaps the Beta? Find out what you rank in a wolf pack.

You As A Wolf

Discover what you and your life would look like as a wolf 🐺

What sort of werewolf are you?

(based on my imaginary world, not your typical werewolf quiz) There are three types of werewolves: eaters, shifters, and omega shifters.

Are you a wolf or a fox?

🌗🍄Find out whether you are a daring wolf or crafty fox with this fun quiz!💫💖

Your Inner Wolf

If you were a wolf, where would you stand in the pack? (my new and improved wolf pack position quiz)

Your inner wolf-self

Have you ever looked in the mirror and see yourself as another creature? Like a wolf...

What Myhtical animal are you?

Do you want to find out what sort of mythical animal you would be if you were reborn? If you said YAAARRSSS, then by all means go ahead and take on this quiz. Enjoy! ♥

What kind of wolf are you?

Are you the alone type, or the family type, or something else? This fifteen question personality quiz will help you understand what kind of wolf you are; it features fantasy-based wolves, but mostly real life wolf species you can find. Give it a try! This quiz is child-friendly, unlike my books. It ...
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