Would your Warriors OC get along with mine?

Answer a few questions to see if Featherbreeze likes your OC

Medicine Cat Apprentice Test (level 1)

Level one of the Medicine Cat Apprentice test! Discover your skills as a Medicine Cat in my very first quiz with constructive feedback.

ULTIMATE Medicine Cat Quiz!

Test your medicine skill in this quiz! Don't be disappointed if you get some things wrong, it's really hard. Enjoy!

Which Warriors OC are you?

Four cats, one from each Clan. (This is my first quiz and please don't take these seriously. Feel free to use them for whatever you want.) SHE-CATS ONLY. Sorry, I just feel weird making toms.

ur average cat quiz

Hey, how are you? some stuff might be wrong we’ll fix that.

Do you know Firestar?

A very short quiz that shows how well you know Firestar! Do you think you really know Firestar? Try this to find out if that's true! :)

One must begin somewhere...[part 1] (Warrior Cat quiz series) -RP Only-

They all had to start somewhere, Bluestar Firestar and Tigerstar did, its time you did too... Take this quiz to explore from beginning to end your life in the clan/s. Will you be a star or will you be a scourge on them all? Hello, as this quiz is a straight RP I will say hi here :D Enjoy your RP :D

are u a cat fan?

Fun quiz for well... cat fans.
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