What Hybrid Dragon are you? (WoF)

For clarification, this is who you would be if you were a hybrid in the WoF universe, not you as an existing dragon in WoF.

Wings of Fire Quiz-Hard

If you’re a true Wings of Fire reader, you will get at least 98% correct. If you’re a pure WoF genius, you’ll get 100%

Which type of Wings of Fire dragon are you?

This is a very accurate quiz on which Wings of Fire dragon YOU would most be like. Hybrid are included!

Are you a wings of fire animus?

Hey! Have you read wings of fire? If so you know of the mystical power of animus dragons. Are you a lucky little dragonet? Or it it too late to save your soul? Take this quiz to find out... but beware!

What Wings Of Fire Tribe Are You? -not obvious-

A wings of fire tribe quiz cuz why not -I do not own wings of fire all right go to Tui. T. Sutherland-

What Wings of Fire tribe are you? (Pantala only)

Take this quiz to find out if you’re a Silkwing, Hivewing, Leafwing, or a Reading Monkey. The art on the results is done by me while the questions and cover art are not, so all credit goes to the original artists! Enjoy! :) Disclaimer: I do not own the tribes, all characters, abilities, and tribes b...

Guess the Wings of Fire dragon based on their scales

Test your skills! Do you truly know the WoF dragons?

Are you a SandWing-NightWing hybrid

It’ll determine if you’re a SandWing-NightWing hybrid.
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