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What image reminds me of you?

( Trigger warning: Almost every single animal, especially frogs ) ( None of the art is mine )

Choose Some Images and Get a Weird Fact

A short quiz that contains six possible results that you can receive. None of the images or facts belong to me. Enjoy the quiz!

What Meme Cat are you? - Quiz

Do you have a favourite meme cat? Or maybe you're curious about what meme cat suits you? Take this quiz and find out!

What kind of Dæmon do you have? (His Dark Materials)

This is a (modified) version of a quiz I made years ago (I think I was still in elementary school wow) and yea. It’s based off my favorite book series, His Dark Materials. You will get an answer like avian, canine, etc. since adding a ton of different animals would be really hard

What is your animal familiar?

familiar- an animal companion that a witch has a magical connection with ~ ~ Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!! <3

What Mythical Creature are you? - Quiz

Still curious about what mythical creature you associate yourself with? Or maybe you're just bored? Take this quiz and find out what mythical creature you are!