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Which Anime Sagittarius Character Is Your Soulmate?

♐Sagittarius Anime + Astrology Quiz♐ ♐Requested By LolaTheMelancholyQueen,@TheNamesKatsukiBakugou & Musique♐ ♐Created By Heichou OceaniaWrites♐ ♐ SPOILER • FREE ♐

What is Your Role in Black Butler?

Prepare for a lot of reading! This is a quiz to see what role you would have in the world of Black Butler! It's not quite lengthy but there are.... a lot of words. Please, enjoy!
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What type of butler would you have?

Maybe you're obsessed with Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) or maybe you simply love the idea of having a butler at your side constantly-- take this quiz and see what type of butler you would have!

What is Your Perfect Halloween Costume? :)

🎃 Time to Get Spooky! ❤ It's Almost Halloween! 👻 Will You Dress as something scary, cute, majestic, a villain, or something completely different?💀 :)

Which anime are you from?

Find out what anime you're from! 7/31/17:changed question 6 8/1/17:Added Diabolik Lovers 8/10/17:Added descriptions to each result 10/25/17:Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan: Junior high and School Live 4/3/18:Durarara and Made in Abyss. added more specific question options. 4/27/18:Corpse Party ...

What Black Butler characters think of you!

Literally just characters opinions. All in the name of fun! Also I do not own any of the characters, pictures or art or stuff like that I put in my quiz.

Into the unknown!

Y/N agreed to volunteer a discreet government project supervised by her father, She ends up in the black butler universe! Whom did she meet?! This contains manga spoilers!

Who in Black Butler has a crush on you? (Boyfriend Quiz)

Will it be the dashing Michaelis? The moody yet lovable Ciel? The stylish reaper Grell Sutcliff? Take this quiz to find out! (Results include: Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, Claude, Grell, William Spears, Undertaker, Lau, Prince Soma, and Ash.)

Which anime character will you choose? (part 2!)

The last quiz I made like this was fun to make, so here's part 2! Each question will have two options, you will have to choose who you like more! *artwork and characters are not mine!!*

What Does Sebastian Michaelis Think Of Your Soul?

Oh dear, it seems that he has caught a whiff of the scent of your soul. Let's see what he has to say about it, shall we?

Which Black Butler character fits you?

This quiz is not made to find out who you would be in the dark universe that is Black Butler, but more to find out who looks like you the most level problem, character or health. It's pretty serious.

What do Black Butler characters think of you?

Including: Sebastian, Ciel, Lizzy, Grell, William, Ronald, Finny, Mey-rin, Baldroy, Undertaker, Lau, Soma and Agni (Y/N) = Your name Btw. Sorry for English grammar! Still learnig ;3

What do the Black butler characters think of you? Part 2

Please do Part 1 first so you will understand the plot here better :D. I have added some season 1 characters that I missed out and I included Season 2 and Book of Circus characters here...enjoy!

Alastor, Bill Cipher, Sebastian Michaelis, or Me?

This quiz decides which of these amazing demons is the closest to you. Are you the all-powerful dream demon, Bill Cipher? Or are you the Smiling Overlord, The Radio Demon, Alastor. Or the Crow Demon, the Faustian Contract maker, The Butler of Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis? Take this quiz to ...

Is that an anime trap?

It can be hard to determine an anime character's gender! How many of them do you know? A relatively easy quiz, although I added a few video game characters just for fun.
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