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Choose between two anime boys and I'll see if our types are similar :)

Animes Include: Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, Fairy Tail, Jujutsu Kaisen, Maid-Sama, My Hero Academia, Food Wars, Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad, Diabolik Lovers, Black Butler, The Great Pretender, Kamisama Kiss, Sword Art Online, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
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Write a letter to an MHA character and get their response!

Write a letter, find out which MHA character would find your letter and respond to it! (Note: Not all the MHA characters are here.)

What would Bakugou think of you?

What would Katsuki Bakugou think of you if he was real> (No, sadly he isn't real.)

Why Would a Yandere Fall For You?

Yanderes love everything about you, but love starts with a beginning, not an end.

Answer some questions and see which yandere boy has fallen for you

Four different yandere boy results, ready to see which one has fallen head over heels for you? Females only please ♡

Which unofficial dere type is your lover? -Childhood trauma edition-

ahhh yesss, another one :3, here, answer to random questions and get an unofficial dere type s/o..but with childhood trauma

Supernatural Yandere [RP] (Part 1)

This is a supernatural romance RP. This is a story where a normal girl's life becomes upside down after an event. In this quiz you will just get your supernatural guy. The story begins in part 2. This is a quiz series.

Which Bl Manhwa should you read next?

Don't know which Bl Manhwa to read next? Take my recommendation!

Which Hot Anime Boy would like you? ;)

The question we all wanna hear! <3 It took a lot of time and effort to do this as best as possible, so please share with your friends if you want more content like this! ^^

Which realm and character will you be reincarnated in?

What if you have a second chance to live differently? Based on your personality, this quiz shall endeavour in teleporting you on a journey to your realm and character.

What Anime Boy Has a Crush on You?

This is a romantic quiz intended for women (but anyone who likes boys can take it!) it is based off popular anime characters from well-known series. This quiz will determine what anime boy likes you. Not which anime boy you'd like per say so I apologize if you do not like the boy you get. It is ...

Your Yandere RP 5

Hi! I'm sorry this quiz was short, I'm still thinking of more ideas! I have to write a backstory, otherwise the story won't make sense, please be patient, I'm trying! I'm so busy lately and I have a dog and everything and he always needs attention, so yeah! WARNING! This quiz co...

Another Fate. ( Yandere boy x reader )

Oh! Don´t we know each other? Ah, right! You´re the girlfriend from Yandere - kun .... I am eager to ask you some questions again .... You just leaved and then didn´t update me about the relationship, you know? Come on, it´s a try worth, right?
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