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Would Bakugou bully you?

Go through a bunch of different scenarios and find out how Bakugou would act around you and what he’d think about you! ^_^
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Mha Sleepover! - WIP

Come have a sleepover with some mha people, have fun playing games, making friends, picking fights, partying, or something else it's your choice this is WIP I am posting it just because I am so impatient and this was started last year so note THIS ISN'T DONE YET

How Well Do You Know MHA? (HARD)

Hi! This quiz contains super random facts from My Hero Academia! Can you get all of them right first try?

MHA | Vampire boy au | Quiz

For the results it isn't really some whole vampire story, sorry if that's what you wanted. But there are some head-cannons----- Possible results: Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki, Kirishima, Denki, Tenya.----- I was lazy so I didn't add more.

How Well Do You Know Dabi?

How well do you know a toaster? Difficulty i’d say would be a bit easier than the Hawks one. Let’s S E E 🍿

Debatable MHA Statements

Wanna see if your MHA opinions are all that popular? Welp, that's what this quiz is for! Or... you might have no interest in debating any of this, and you're just bored. But either way, this quiz is perfect if you're looking for a fun small break! Come on, you oughta take this...

Why does Momo Yaoyorozu hate you?

You are a student at Class 1-A, but you noticed a student acting different around you, why does she hate you, and what made her feel this way?

My hero academia dating doors :)

Just a my hero academia door game .. :) For anyone and everyone, pictures are not mine
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