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Who's that Vocaloid? Easy mode

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What is Your Perfect Halloween Costume? :)

🎃 Time to Get Spooky! ❤ It's Almost Halloween! 👻 Will You Dress as something scary, cute, majestic, a villain, or something completely different?💀 :)
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Which Vocaloid/Utau/Fanloid are you?

Answer a series of 14 questions to find out which vocaloid/utau/fanloid are you! BASED ON MY HEADCANONS.

Which Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! Character are You?

A quiz to assign you a character from Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! Featuring Hatsune Miku. As the game is still new, some details may be considered inaccurate in the future. This is my first quiz, I hope you enjoyed it.

Name That Vocaloid! ;3

Can you name these vocaloids? This is my first ever thiny on Quotev (but the 3rd I've published) so I hope u enjoy <3 I don't own ANY of these pictures or vocaloids


I dont know why im making this, idek what this quiz will be about im just making this because im bored.(None of the pictures or videos i used are mine)

Which Vocaloid character are you?

Please remember none of the things listed are canon. The characters are (sadly) only voice banks with zero personality. But with the help of my own head canons and other people’s head canons, I created my own idea out of this! Options are also limited because they're SO many Vocaloids that exis...

Which GHOST and Pals song are you?

GHOST/GHOST and Pals/Ghostie-P is a Vocaloid producer with a unique sound. They have lots of great songs. But which one are you?

I recommend a fandom to you

I recommend a fandom to you. Pic is Miku because MIKU IS QUEEN. Pics do not belong to me.

Choose Some Things and Get a Wallpaper

!Spoilers for Danganronpa! If you don't like what you got then you can redo the quiz, sorry if it isn't well made I just threw it together because I was bored. (None of the Pictures I used are mine) Most of these are for a phone, sorry.
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