Pick an anime guy to get what you may need to hear

Essentially what the title says! Choose your favorite of the anime characters from each question, and you will get something you probably need to hear in the results! Please enjoy, and if you like it, consider checking out my account for similar content! 😊 - Make sure to keep the comments section fa...

Which Class 1-A Character are you?

This is just a dumb quiz I wanted to do early in the morning instead of catching my Z's, hope y'all enjoy

Would Bakugou bully you?

Go through a bunch of different scenarios and find out how Bakugou would act around you and what he’d think about you! ^_^

What's your Quirk?

This is basically exactly what it suggests in the title. Enjoy! If you get joint results, you can have multiple quirks. Also, there is a limited range.

Write a letter to an MHA character and get their response!

Write a letter, find out which MHA character would find your letter and respond to it! (Note: Not all the MHA characters are here.)

Which MHA boys would be your boyfriend and why?

You need to know your mbti type and can answer honestly. So that the result is accurate. Not all male characters are here so... And of course, it's not that accurate babe. But I'll put more results and answers in the future! Come back when you remember this quiz lol

Whose your BNHA kin? student ver.

this is my first kind of thing soo, idk if its good or not ʘ‿ʘ, but i try my best! (人*´∀`)。*゚+

WOULD YOU RATHER(Boku No Hero Academia version)

Hello guys it is your woman, Daily and today I'm here with my friend Iceland. So we are gonna play would you rather this time with anime by the name: Boku No Hero Academia. It is just like the normal game but with questions from each story arc.
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