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What Arrogant Dere Type Are You?

Don't too mad if you didn't get an accurate result, because in the grand scheme of things, you wasted your time, no matter what you got. These are all from the dere types wiki, so blame them I guess.
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What Anime Boy Has a Crush on You?

This is a romantic quiz intended for women (but anyone who likes boys can take it!) it is based off popular anime characters from well-known series. This quiz will determine what anime boy likes you. Not which anime boy you'd like per say so I apologize if you do not like the boy you get. It is ...

In which anime would you live?

Would you live in London, near the Phantomhive's Manor, or in the video game Sword Art Online? Or maybe in a different anime universe?

Would you make a better weapon or meister?

There are very few soul eater tests on this website, you I decided to make one, note that I have very little of the manga, and thus It will be based on what I know from the anime and occasional plot browsing . I hope you enjoy it. *Note: None of the pictures are mine they both belong to their origin...

Guess the anime/manga based on one character!

Here’s how it goes: I’ll give you an image of my favorite character from the anime/manga, and you guess what they’re from!

Which soul eater character are you?

The hell should I even write here, why the hell does description here exists.

Your Soul Eater Life! (Girl ver.)

The title only says "Girl ver." because the results will be in the perspective of an original female character that I made, but everyone is free to play! <3 Take this quiz to find out what your life in the anime "Soul Eater" would be like!
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