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How Ugly are you?

Dont be offended, just a joke. a stupid fun quiz. not serious because everyone is beautifyl in some way or another.

What Makeup Should You Wear?

This is a makeup quiz to see what and which makeup you should wear: Are you dark skinned? Maybe a tan colour. Are You Light skinned? Try golds and warm colours. Wanna see? Take Dah Quiz!
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What do your eyes mean?

Find out what the color of your eyes mean!

Are you pretty? (Girls only)

Remember, this is just for fun, everyone is very beautiful in their own way!

Are you "cool"?

Do your style and hobbies make you cool?

What is your BADASS codename?

A beautiful quiz describing your ideal name in the case you prove yourself to be a true BADASS.

Are you cute?

Are you cute? 🌸 Hawt? 🔥 Or kinda? 👑

What will u look like in 10 years.

What the title says people ♥ for girls only sorry boys. 100% trueeeee.

Find Your Style!

Fashion is a great way to represent your true personality. There's no use being someone you aren't. Take this quiz to find out what style best suits you! [Girls Only, Sorry cx]

What kind of tween are you? girls only! :)

This is just for fun, but also determines your personality!
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