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What long 'princess' dress would you have?

What long beautiful dress princess dress would you have? Take this quiz and find out! Even though this is mostly for females, anyone can take it! Enjoy, thank you, and have a nice day ❤︎

Pick Some Aesthetics And Get A Prom Dress!

Hi! There, wanna know which prom dress will you get by choosing aesthetics??, click here!!
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Just choose dresses and I will give you a random aesthetic

All in title. All pictures from Pinterest. Pictures aren't mine. None of them.

What's ʏᴏᴜʀ prom wear?

i've never made a colour coordinated quiz before so i can't assure you the accuracy but i tell you i tried my very best to make this one of the best and most fun quizzes ever!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ answer a couple questions with your colour of choice or randomly, to get a pretty little prom dress! | (...

What Dress Should You Wear To Your School Dance?

If your having struggles finding a dress to wear, maybe this quiz could help you!

Which Medieval Dress Do You Wear?

Just something I made out of boredom. Sorry if the writings bad or if there's not enough questions or something.

Answer Some Questions & Get an Outfit In The End~

Any possible result! You can get anything!!. I will make part two if I will get good reviews!!!

Plan a day as a princess get a princess dress

Basically what it says None of the images are mine, please respect the models and dresses

Are You Susan or Lucy Pevensie, Based on the Dresses You Choose?

Have you ever longed to dress like a Narnian Queen? Do so for a day and discover whether your fashion taste most resembles Susan or Lucy Pevensie! Photographs and artwork are not my own. All images were found on Pinterest.

What dress do you remind me of

I felt the need to make another quiz, so here you go.

Set up a masquerade ball, get a suit/dress!

There seemed to be a lack of quizzes surrounding suits, so I made one for suits and dresses! Have a great day!

Your Princess Dress?

We all know that every girl has wanted to be a princess at some point in her life, so now you can find out what your dress would be like if you were a princess.

Your Princess Hair

Since my 'Your Princess Dress' quiz was such a success, I thought I would make a hairstyles quiz to go with it.

Create Your Look For the Royal Ball & Meet Your Disney Prince

Oh, no! The Disney Princes all divorced their Princess wives on the same day! Without the Princesses, every kingdom in the land will suffer! A royal ball has been called and every eligible maiden (And even gay males now have the chance!) must attend. So design your best dresses, put on the best make...

Your Princess Makeup

Since my 'Your Princess Dress' quiz and 'Your Princess Hair' quiz went down well, I decided to do a makeup one.
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