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Your Signature Dress

💕 Ever wondered what your signature dress was? Answer a few simple questions and I'll find you a perfect gown/outfit that'll suit your taste and personality! 💕

Are you Attractive According to Today's Standards?

It doesn't matter what society thinks, but you can take this quiz anyways. I would suggest being in front of a mirror. This test is meant for females, but if you are a male and would like to know if you are feminine type attractive, then go ahead. Just remember, this is some stupid test that can...
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How Beautiful are you According to Modern Beauty Standards?

Intended for girls, but feel free to take if you aren't a girl. Honest answers! I wouldn't recommend if you are sensitive to criticism or are struggling from severe depression. Even if you don't get the result you want, you are still beautiful! ♥

Are you considered pretty in South Korea? GIRLS ONLY

HEYY^^ this is my first quiz so plz don't judge me TT and btw this quiz is DEAD HONEST so plz don't get offeded...but if u are willing to try anyways give it a go!

Answer Questions And Receive A Ball Gown

Get your perfect ball gown, eleven possible results! (DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the pictures used!)

Choose btween 2 celebs and see if you are more Ari or Billie

Choose btween 2 female celebs based on the instructions given and see if your opinion of beauty is more Ariana Grande or Billie Eilish! 11 counted questions.

What type of outfits should you wear?

Are you in the hipster, sporty, girly category? Come and find out here! You might even find some clothespiration :)

Are you pretty?: Galaxy edition (multi-species)

I've seen a lot of these quizzes but for some reason, they all seem to be for humans. This one is for ALL species and how pretty you are galaxy-wide.

Are you ugly?

|For females||DO NOT GET MAD AT THE RESULTS||THIS IS NOT ACCURATE. THIS IS AN OPINION.||No matter what result you get, you are beautiful in your own way. This quiz doesn't define you|

Are You Adorable, Hot, Or Gorgeous?

Basically what the title says! Btw, everyone is different so don't compare yourself with the pictures! This is mosty Girls Only!

What are your dream nails?

Take this short quiz to find out which nails I think would best suit you!

How pretty are you?

Take this quiz and find out how pretty you are!
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