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Your Clothing Aesthetic

Honestly didn't know what to make, just had a look at trending page but aesthetics are beautiful and you are beautiful too :) yay - I do not own any of the pictures used -
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What Will You Look Like When You're 16? (Girls)

What will you look like when you're 16? Will you be emo, preppy, scene, a hipster or a nerd? Find out..

What Piercing Should You Have?

Just a simple lil thing, determining what piercing you should havebased off of your personality c:

The Queen You Are But Which?

Everyone wants to be a Queen...trust me, I am one. But who is to say I am the only one? Take this quiz and find out what Queen you would look like and how you will rule the world.

What type of outfits should you wear?

Are you in the hipster, sporty, girly category? Come and find out here! You might even find some clothespiration :)

What is your aesthetic?

Have you wondered what is your true aesthetic? Test to find out.

What Will You Look Like In High School?

Sorry if your already in high school. If you are, see if this is you! =)

Are you A Hippie?

Take this quiz to find out if you're a true hippie or just a hipster

Create a dream guy

My first quiz, I hope it's not too clichee and I hope you will enjoy it :) More results may come soon.

What Type Of Outfit Suits You

^^ GIRLS ONLY PLEASE I guess a boy could take it but it's gonna be more of a girl thing As for now I have only have outfits that I found online but I will soon have my own outfits on here as well.

What's your fashion style?

Are you Cute, Floral, Rock Chick, Basic, Colorful/Bright, Hipster, Sexy or Dressy? Results include: makeup, outfit and hair! :) Also includes picture! Please take this quiz, I will adore you 4evs! ❤

Find Your Style!

Fashion is a great way to represent your true personality. There's no use being someone you aren't. Take this quiz to find out what style best suits you! [Girls Only, Sorry cx]

What's Your Fashion Style?

What's your everyday style? Is there a specific way you dress that particularly catches another's attention? Or do you simply dress in a style that makes you the happiest? Click here to find out!

What style are you

Results are pastel goth, scene, emo, goth, hipster, geeky, and grunge.
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