What Aesthetic Outfit Suits You

Need some new fashion inspo or just really just want to take a quiz? Either way I got you! ♡

Find your aesthetic!

Not yet sure on what aesthetic suits you? Are you an E-Girl, VSCO or maybe even a baddie... Well what are you waiting for? Take this quiz to find out!

Choose Blackpinks outfits

Choose between outfits and get a picture of a random BP member!!🌷★。・:*:・゚

Choose somethin and get an outfit-

Okay, we are going to tell which outfit is best for you! Come here and find out- AND GIRLS, DEMIGIRLS AND WHO USE FEMININE PRONOUNS ONLY! SORRY BOIS/DEMIBOIS-

Make an outfit and i'll tell you how gay you are

how gay are you?? idk, find out. this is used off a lot of sterotypes and my gay friends and its just for fun :)

I can guess your zodiac sign based on the outfits you choose

I definitely did not spend days making this quiz because I am grieving over drawings™️ *waaaaaa* Also don’t trust a Gemini near a baby

Make an Outfit, Get an Aesthetic [pt.5]

pt. 5 is finally here~ Includes Chaotic Academia, City Pop, Country, Lolita, and Dreamcore. The description and pictures of the aesthetics are found in this website: madmeaning.com/society/types-of-a-e-s-t-h-e-t-i-c-s-2020/ The pictures for the outfits are found in Pinterest :)

Wear or Tear My Outfits (Feminime Outfits)

Wear or tear some of outfits that looks like my own favorite outfits All picture are from Pinterest because I doubting my photography skill to take photo of my outfits, but I try to find the most similar ones with mine Hope you enjoy!

Find your Alt style/aesthetic

☁️Want to know your alternative style? Check this quiz out! ☁️Has over twenty-five different styles and is updated constantly! ☁️LATEST UPDATE: Grunge, Light Academia, Dark Academia, and Y2K have been added! ✨✨✨✨🌙✨✨✨✨ ☁️Please note that whatever you get is completely valid and you do not have to lik...

Choose yes or no and I'll give you an outfit!

This is only for girls! Choose yes or no and I'll give you an outfit!

Choose some outfit essentials, get an aesthetic hairstyle and a question about your life

In this little quiz, you choose some clothing and I'll show you a fitting aesthetic hairstyle and ask you a question, that you might or might have not opressed deeply in yourself. :) Enjoy
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